Someday / Somehow – Steve Porcaro [Review]

Someday / Somehow – Steve Porcaro (2016) ♪♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪♪♪


Review by Uwe Reith

Sure enough the announcement of Steve Porcaro’s solo debut made some noise in the world, in the circles of Toto fans. For those who are familar with his former compositions such as Michael Jackson’s ,Human Nature‘ and Toto’s ‚Lea‘, ‚The Little Things‘, ,It’s A Feeling‘, ,Takin‘ It Back‘ and ‚Bend‘, you may also know about the subtle elements that each of his songs might include. Steve Porcaro who has survived his legendary brothers, drummer Jeff and bassist Mike, has spent almost his life work on ‚Someday / Somehow‘ (Porcara Musica). The results are staggering. The more you listen to it, I promise, the more it’s going to grow on you. While everybody is complaining about today’s record market in decline, Porcaro’s album is the best example of creative freedom that each artist nowadays could benefit from. His friend Michael Sherwood (Lodgic) played an essential role in the production as a writer, lead singer and co-producer. Beside him Michael McDonald, Jamie Kimmett and Mabvuto Carpenter share brilliant lead vocals with Steve, giving variety to the album. Don’t see this gem as just another Toto album, as it is completely different. ‚Someday / Somehow‘ has what it takes to become a classic (perhaps not under commercial aspects), thanks to Steve Porcaro’s artistic matureness and experience as an accomplished musician and musical delicacy.

1. Ready Or Not
2. Loved By A Fool
3. Someday / Somehow
4. Swing Street
5. She’s So Shy
6. Back To You
7. Face Of A Girl
8. To No One
9. Makeup
10. She’s The One
11. Night Of Our Own
12. Painting By Numbers
13. More Than I Can Take

Musicians: Steve Porcaro, Michael Sherwood, Mark Bonilla, Jimmy Haun, Steve Lukather, Michael McDonald, Jamie Kimmett, Rick Marotta, John Van Tongeren, Mabvuto Carpenter, Toss Panos, Shannon Forrest, Lenny Castro, Jeff Porcaro, Mike Porcaro, Robin DiMaggio, Carl Saunders, Don Markese, Mike Biardi, Songa Lee, Marisa Kuney, Darrin McCann, Timothy Loo, Scott Whitfield, Chuck Manning
Rating: 10 (out of 10 ♪)
Fave songs: Ready Or Not, Swing Street, She’s So Shy, Face Of A Girl, She’s The One, Painting By Numbers, More Than I Can Take
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