Serious Coffee – Serious Coffee

Serious Coffee – Serious Coffee

Mats Öberg/Anders Johnsson/Jonas Lindeborg presents „Serious Coffee“ Featuring Mike Stern, Per Lindvall, Karl Martin Almqvist, Andreaz Heden, Fredrik Björling and Lew Soloff
Release: October 2015.


Serious Coffee – This New York & Stockholm collaboration, with some of the most influential players in the jazz/fusion scene, is one of extravagant nature.

Mats Öberg – Keyboards
Jonas Lindeborg – Trumpet
Anders Johnsson – Bass
Mike Stern – Guitar
Per Lindvall – Drums
Karl Martin Almqvist – Saxophone
Andreaz Hedén – Piano
Fredrik Björling – Percussion
Lew Soloff – Trumpet

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Serious Coffee debuts, but are anything but debutants! Keyboard player Mats Öberg, bassist Anders Johnsson and trumpet player Jonas Lindeborg have rounded up the who’s who of the Swedish music elite in an exciting collaboration with Mike Stern, who has earned a position at the absolute top of the international jazz scene. The trio’s debut album features some of Sweden’s legendary musicians in the sometimes challenging original compositions signed Mats Öberg and Andreaz Heden. The trio’s own track record is impressive to say the least. The virtuoso Mats Öberg is well known from his own band Mats & Morgan Band as well as the Ale Möller Band. Jonas Lindeborg has had art music pieces written for him by Christian Lindberg and Hans Ek, as well as played on albums of superstars Celine Dion and Taylor Swift. Anders Johnsson has been a major contributor to Louise Hoffsten’s music for many years. Öberg/Lindeborg/Johnsson about the project: “After running into Mike Stern on tours, travels and at festivals in Europe and the USA, we hatched the idea of working on a mutual project. We’ve all had a very strong relationship to Mike’s music ever since his years with Miles Davis in the early 80s.” It was during a warm summer in New York when Mike Stern joined the project. Mats Öberg and Andreaz Heden wrote the music for the album in a few weeks with an especial regard to Mike Stern and the Swedish band and their respective personalities. “We’re extremely happy to have our favorite players on board,” the trio says. “It is a great privilege to have Per Lindvall on drums, Karl Martin Almqvist on saxophone, Andreaz Heden on piano and Fredrik Björling on percussion. Each musician has contributed with his own flavor and experience – and it really shows in the end result.” ”We also had the great honor of recording with trumpet player Lew Soloff on one track, just before he passed away.” Serious Coffee has created a collection of very singular musical landscapes – ranging from the sublime and dreamy, to the unruly and funky, or melodic and playful, but never losing focus of the composition as a whole. “We find joy and see a challenge in keeping it as simple as possible – like music that just comes to you by itself,” says the trio. ”Music that manifests itself with an almost provoking simplicity is sometimes the best.”

Musicians: Mike Stern – guitar Mats Öberg – keyboards Jonas Lindeborg – trumpet Anders Johnsson – bass Per Lindvall – drums Karl Martin Almqvist – saxophone Fredrik Björling – percussion Andreaz Heden – piano Lew Soloff – trumpet