Michael Logen – New Medicine

Michael Logen – New medicine

‚New Medicine‘ is the new release from Nashville singer/songwriter, Michael Logen.


‚New Medicine,‘ Michael Logen’s stunning, sophomore release is an articulate, measured examination of the inner-workings of the human mind and heart on a backdrop of gorgeous, sweeping, acoustic-based, rhythmic folk/pop. Logen’s raspy, charismatic vocals range from whispered to raucous, delicate to driving. „Ready Or Not,“ the first single from the album, starts out small before exploding into a full-on, sing-along, indie-folk/rock redemption story. Songs from ‚New Medicine‘ have been featured on 5 television shows and „Breaking Your Own Heart,“ co-written by Logen, was covered by Kelly Clarkson on her Platinum-selling, Grammy-Award winning album, ‚Stronger.‘ Here you’ll find Logen’s original, intimate acoustic version of the song. Recorded in Nashville, the album also contains several exceptional guest appearances from the brilliant Liz Longly, Kim Richey and Ruby Amanfu.

I wrote this one with a dear friend of mine named Jennifer Hanson. A deeply personal song for both of us, it was one of those important days when you do your best to set aside any awareness of the outside world and just be honest, be honest, be honest. „To gain your own voice, you have to forget about having it heard“ – Allen Ginsberg. I truly believe that. The initial thought, “you’re breaking your own heart”, smacked me across the face while I was sitting at a red light on Wedgewood and 8th Ave in Nashville near Grimey’s Used Music. It hit me like a lightning bolt. Such an obvious idea, but I’d never heard it said quite like that. The next day I was writing with Jennifer and after talking for a few hours about life in general I suddenly realized this idea was exactly what we were talking about. We wrote the song and a few weeks later Kelly Clarkson heard it and recorded it, which was a shock. She put it on her album, Stronger and I love what she did with it. It was so rewarding to see a song which came from such a pure, uncommercial place go on to connect in a larger context and with an artist we both have tremendous respect for. Kudos, Mr. Ginsberg.