Chris Falson – New Album [RhythmGospelandBlues]

Chris Falson – New Album [RhythmGospelandBlues]

Crowd Funding for Chris Falsons new Album.

„Along with members of the Amazing Stories (many of them part of Andre Crouch’s old band), now known as Rhythm Gospel and Blues I have launched a rewards crowd funding campaign to produce a new album and, if the resources allow, develop a branded strategy that infuses the worship experience (that I know you so dearly love) with this gospel outreach concept of ours, and create a viral ‚good news‘ story that makes its way out beyond the church walls and into the market-place.

My campaign strategy is very grass roots… in that I am writing to everyone on my mailing list… asking friends, fans and family to share this with people in ‚their world‘ who might have an interest in this kind of project.“

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