Chris Falson – acoustic live & a journey of mine

1995 trafen wir die [McCrarys] in L.A. und sie lenkten meine Ohren und meinen Blick auf Chris Falson. Seit 2001 kennen wir uns persönlich und es ist mir eine Freude sein neues Album und ein „ungeschöntes“ Live Album zu supporten.

Chris Falson – [Acoustic Sessions] und [Journey Of Mine]

„It can be difficult as a ‚professional‘ to step down from the ‚lofty‘ platform to enjoy music as much as the fan or the amateur. When I listen to my live recordings with my professional ears I hear flat notes, wrong chords, jumbles lyrics, imbalanced mixes and the occasional annoying cough from an audience member (would someone please pray for that person).
And so I need, from time to time I need a good friend to remind me that, often the most beautiful recordings, perhaps like people, are the slightly broken or imperfect ones. And… I should know this… because it is in these ‚live‘ moments that I am at my best within myself, collaborating with the other musicians and singers and of course, the most important people in the room… the audience.