Boy meets Girl – New Dream

Boy meets Girl – New Dream

The Seattle native keyboardist George Merrill and singer Shannon Rubicam formed the band „Boy meets Girl“ having several major hits during the latter half of the 80s. Their debut release with the single „Oh Girl“ reaches the Top40. 1986 they wrote Whitney Houston’s #1 „How Will I Know. Once more with Whitney Houston’s „I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)“ they reached the top of the charts and won the following year’s Grammy Awards. In 1988 as established songwriters, they released their second album Reel Life. With the breezy „Waiting For a Star to Fall,“ they finally notched a Top Ten single for themselves.
Not so long ago, while driving to work on a on a crispy cold dark winter morning I heard the song again on the radio and a few thoughts hit my mind. „Mmmh how often did I hear this song and it always caught my attention. Oooh the chorus is high, very high for a man’s voice – switching between falseto and chest voice – this song can kill your voice singing it live“. The melodic chorus makes „waiting for a star to fall“ an earwig for decades, though the track’s still being played on adult contemporary radiostations around the world. My curiousness awoke and I searched the internet. After reading their website, downloading and listening to their free mp3s I wrote an E-Mail and soon received an answer from Shannon. In our E-Mails I explored some conformances about the record industry, the internet, mp3s. Shannon described with her own words my focus for my mp3tips site: „Yes all us „lost“ bands can now be found throught the magic of the internet. Thank god for that! I really love it as an avenue for reconnection and also for revitalizing the music scene, offering us all the broad variety of musical choices we crave.“ A short while after new year 2004/2005 I received a packet from California including their albums „Wonderground“ and „New Dream“.

„New Dream“ is once more a „hurting example“ 😉 for the misery the record companys and the music lovers are in. I’m not able to comprehend why „New Dreams“ is or was not in the charts. Shannon wrote on their [site] : „New Dream was written and recorded in 1990, and was never released by RCA/BMG due to a changing of the guard at the top level of the company. Scores of acts were dropped from the label within weeks of the new president taking over, and maddeningly, we were one of those who got the axe. With one week to go before the album’s release, and mere days away from filming what would have been the video for the single, New Dream, we were, needless to say, stunned. Honestly, it just blew the wind right out of our sails to come to such a sudden halt after two years of writing, recording and preparing to promote the CD. But such are the vicissitudes of the music business, and it happens to someone every day although we hadn’t imagined it happening to us.“

Arif Mardin (Chaka Khan, The Bee Gees, Rod Stewart, Barbra Steisand, Bette Midler, a.s.o.) and Phil Ramone (Billy Joel, Frank Sinatra, Paul McCartney, a.s.o.) produced some of the orotund, joyous tracks, full of hooks and melodies. I’ve always been in love with a beautiful melody and on these two CDs there’s more than plenty of them. „New Dream“ the title track is a melting pot – one song representing the whole album. A synth bass part, multi layered vocal parts and a great drum sound.
Funky, grooving arrangements paired with a shiny chorus this is „I love this world“. There are so many samplers with love songs out there but I’m still missing one of the best tracks: „Boy on my mind“.
„Indigo drums“ with Jeff Baxter on guitar (Doobie Brothers) and Phil Perry (background vocals) described by Shannon as a lovely man with a warm heart and a wonderful voice.
There are so many ideas, different directions, great melodies, fine music to discover. Explore the songs with headphones and a good glass of wine. Take time and the CD will develop its own enchantment. Wish you a lot of fun – I bet you have.



In Deutsch:

„New Dream“: Unverständlich, warum dieses Album 1990 durch die Maschen der Plattenfirma fiel und erst knapp 15 Jahre später erhältlich ist. Shannon Rubicam Sängerin der Band BoymeetsGirl“ schrieb über den plötzlichen Rausschmiss der in dieser Zeit viele Bands traf. „Es passierte eine Woche vor Veröffentlichung von New Dream“, wenige Tage vor dem Videodreh der Singleauskopplung, wir waren fassungslos. Plötzlich war der Wind weg, der uns zwei Jahre lang durch das Schreiben, produzieren und promoten der CD getragen hatte. Wir hatten niemals erwartet, dass es uns treffen könnte“.
Arif Mardin (Chaka Khan, The Bee Gees, Rod Stewart, Barbra Steisand, Bette Midler, …) und Phil Ramone (Billy Joel, Frank Sinatra, Paul McCartney, …) produzierten einige der Songs von „New Dream“. Ich war schon immer ein Fan von Melodien und diese CD hat viele davon. Zuweilen etwas pompös, aber mit tollen Hooklines, die sich im Ohr festsetzen. „New Dream“ der Titelsong – ein Schmelztiegel als Reminiszenz für das ganze Album. Ein Synthi Bass Part, vielstimmiger Harmoniegesang und ein großartiger Drumsound. „I love this world“, Funky mit groovigem Arrangement, gepaart mit einem „sonnigen“ Refrain. Es gibt so viele Kuschelrock- und Lovesongs-Sampler da draußen, aber ein Highlight fehlt auf allen: „Boy on my mind“. Ein weiterer Hörtipp: „Indigo Drums“ mit Jeff Skunk“ Baxter von den Doobie Brothers an der Gitarre und Phil Perry handelt“ die Background Vocals. Reinhören!