Billy Gibbons – Perfectamundo [ZZ Top]

ZZ Top man also confirms Perfectamundo release will be pushed back to November 2015.
Billy Gibbons has revealed the tracklist for his upcoming debut solo album and confirmed that the release has been put back by two weeks.


The ZZ Top guitarist announced earlier this month that he’d release Perfectamundo on October 23 via Concord Records. That date has been moved back to November 6. It’s said to be heavily inspired by Cuban music and Gibbons took advice from Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl before recording the work.

Now he’s issued the names of the album’s 11 tracks, which include You’re What’s Happening Baby, Sal Y Pimiento and Piedras Negras.

His backing band the BFGs features Martin Guigui, Mike Flanigan, Alex Garza and Greg Morrow.

Got Love If You Want It
Treat Her
You’re What’s Happenin’, Baby
Sal Y Pimiento
Pickin’ Up Chicks On Dowling Street
Hombre Sin Nombre
Quiero Mas Dinero
Baby Please Don’t Go
Piedras Negras